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No More Throwing Spaghetti At The Wall

Spaghetti is for eating, not throwing. 🍝

Getting Into Action



Having your eyes on my business and how I operated within it is allowing me to embody and believe in the possibilities I've always had for my biz.

Elise Besler, Communication & Boundaries Coach

Working with Kaeli has been incredible. Hands down the best decision for my business!! I can't recommend her highly enough.

Dr. Cathryn Tobin, M.D., Healthiest Baby

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Getting Into Action



In an incredibly short period of time, Kaeli gave me actionable tasks, a roadmap to my outcome, and a powerful, confidence-boosting mindset shift.

Emma Magenta, Life Coach

Kaeli was instrumental in having me raise my consulting rates.

Thank you!

Buvani Sivagnanasunderam, M.D. (cand.), DEI Consultant


running a business can feel super overwhelming.

You KNOW you're amazing at what you do, but for some reason your marketing doesn't seem to be doing what you want it to be doing...

Any of these ring a bell? ⤵️

  • You've tried offering different things and changing your messaging, but end up feeling out of alignment and discouraged...

  • You do the marketing things you're "supposed" to do, but end up with wrong-fit clients and customers as a result...

  • You're ready to live into your big vision for your business/vocation, but aren't sure how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be without burning out (which you refuse to do, because this world doesn't need anymore self-sacrificing women, amirite...)

Spoiler Alert: There is nothing wrong with you.

Also Spoiler Alert: You can trust yourself.


You don't know what you don't know.

Sometimes you just need an anchor in the wind to help clarify your next steps and support you in bridging the gap between point A and point B. ⚓️

I've worked with online and offline business owners, from those just starting out, to those making 7 figures annually, to help them:

✔️ scale (in the true sense of the word) from 6 to 7 figures...

✔️ finally run a live launch (after YEARS of putting it off)...

✔️ finish and get opt-ins to their lead magnet – in less than an hour...

✔️ come up with perfectly timed, stand-out promotional campaigns...

✔️ communicate clearly to their target customer – and see the inquiries roll in...


You are welcome to book a chat now so we can discuss your situation, and I'll let you know if I think I can help or not. ⤵️

NEW! "Ethical Marketing" Class Coming Soon.

  • Can we really "create" desire in people?

  • If humans are more than desiring machines, why don't we act like it?

  • How did we go from "citizens" to "consumers"?

  • Should we really "twist the knife" on people's pain points?

  • Late-stage capitalism - what gives?

HIGHLY REQUESTED intro class coming soon...

HIGHLY REQUESTED intro class coming soon...

i'm kaeli

FUN is my favourite business metric.

I've helped:

✔️ coaches

✔️ personal brands

✔️ service providers

✔️ brick-and-mortar businesses

✔️ non-profits...

...get into action to increase revenue.

No-nonsense results...

I've been singing your praises to all my coach friends and know that you're the answer to my marketing prayers.

Elaine Turcotte, Sales Coach

If you think there is a secret you haven't been using that is keeping your business from reaching its full potential, spoiler alert: it starts with a 'K'.

Dino Chantziaris, Gym Owner

Spaghetti is for eating, not throwing at the wall.



I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MY OFFICE OPERATES ON Treaty land which is home to many first nations, inuit and métis people today.