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I've helped some of the biggest names in the biz grow (like Elise Darma and Michelle Gifford) and have YEARS of experience helping online coaches market themselves.

in case it wasn't clear

Scroll down to see other online business owners who decided to stop waiting to be chosen, and chose themselves instead.

You're no different from the "big" coaches, I promise you that. Literally the only difference is they just have the audacity to bet on themselves.

real talk:

Your Sustainable Sales Funnel

Marketing yourself is 10x easier when you have a crystal clear message and the AUDACITY to shout it from the rooftops.


Million dollar businesses have million dollar sales funnels. You’ll stop losing leads and sales and have a system that does the selling for you. 


Great marketing is one thing – the behind-the-scenes operations that support your entire business is another. 


“Girl, I am spinning with ideas and can't work fast enough.”


Expert advice from someone who's helped coaches make their first $10k and their first $10M

How does this sound?

To-the-point, direct guidance for the clarity you've been craving



working with me means:

From content strategy to membership retention – your online business needs are covered here


The encouragement to Choose Yourself + become exactly who you want to be


Simple, practical strategies that just work. No fluff needed.


"Working with Kaeli has been incredible. Hands down the best decision for my business!! I can't recommend her highly enough."

Best decision for her business, period. 💯 

monetizing her 1.1 million followers


$6,500 paid in full?! 💸


books high-ticket paid in full

"I am so clear now on what the journey is or could be for these clients. I was in comparison mode and was trying to do it how other people did it, but I didn’t understand the nuts and bolts behind it. It’s the nuts and bolts. Seeing from the beginning of the journey to the end of the journey." 

She grew from 7k to 70,000 Instagram followers! 😳 

building a digital product empire


Yes, It Really Works

“In an incredibly short period of time, Kaeli gave me actionable tasks, a roadmap for how those tasks lead to the outcome I wanted, and a powerful, confidence-boosting mindset shift.”

Got her lead magnet done in record time! 🤩 

got into action


"You have been PIVOTAL in helping me get clear on what I want and don't want and unleashing more of the energy I want to bring to my business and life. I don’t want to do this without you!"

Had an $8,000 sales week! 🤑 

booking those clients


"Kaeli was instrumental in having me raise my consulting rates. Thank you!"

Charging what she's worth. 💰 

raised her rates


"I've been singing your praises to all my coach friends and know that you're the answer to my marketing prayers."

The sales funnel is funneling 💅 

sales coach extraordinaire


"It was awesome, she paid in full, she paid $6,500. It was perfect and I just wanna say thank you because obviously your feedback and your help in such a short amount of time has already materialized into that win.”

You're ready to bypass your learning curve and learn from an expert

You're willing to do what it takes and bet on yourself

You're tired of seeing everyone else build million-dollar funnels when you know you're just as smart

You're ready to build your sales funnel (aka your ticket to freedom)

You care more about what YOU think of you than what others think of you

Sound Like You?

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Take the next step into KaeliLand – this is where your dreams for your business actually come true. 

We prioritize action over mindset. You become who you need to be along the way.

You're In The Right Place.

is that a yes?

- dino

"If you think there's a secret you haven't been using that is keeping your business from reaching its full potential, spoiler alert: it starts with a 'K'."